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Healthy, Tasty Salmon

Salmon come from all over the world and offer great flavor as well as wonderful health benefits: salmon are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury, and are also a source of lean protein and vitamin D. They’re also one of the most versatile fish for cooking, so catch this season’s best flavors with our great-tasting salmon recipes.

Prep & Storage

Salmon is available both farm-raised and wild and can be purchased as fresh or frozen steaks, fillets or whole fish as well as canned. When choosing fresh salmon, look for one that that does not smell at all “fishy.” The flesh should spring back when lightly pressed, rather than remaining indented. In whole fish, the eyesshould be clear and bright black rather than milky or sunken, and the gills should be vivid red. The meaty texture and mild taste of salmon takes well to both creamy and acidic flavors and is well suited to nearly any cooking method.


Medium firm, deep pink to orange in color; wild
salmon is larger and leaner, farm raised salmon
is smaller and fattier


WILD: moderate to pronounced




Steaming, poaching, pan searing, broiling, baking,
roasting, grilling