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Credit Card Chip Technology

The new chip card technology is now available at your local Shop 'n Save store!



There  are 3 easy steps to use your chip card:

  1. Insert your chip card into the slot on the bottom of the pin pad

  2. Leave the card inserted for the entire transaction and follow the on screen prompts

  3. Remove your card when the transaction is complete



Can I use my card that does not have a chip? 

Yes! You can swipe your card as you always have. 

Can I still use my phone as payment at checkout?

Yes! ApplePay, SamsungPay, and Android Pay can continue to be used at checkout. 

What do I need to know?

The new chip card technology at our stores will further increase the security of your credit and debit card transactions. Protecting our customer security and reducing fraudulent transactions are a major focus of this new technology. Every time you use your chip card, a unique one-time code is created at checkout in order to make the transaction as secure as possible. Your bank may require you to enter a PIN number as additional security for your account.

Does this impact how I use with my debit card?

You will see a screen to enter your PIN number. You have the choice to process the transaction as a debit by entering the PIN number, or you can choose process as a credit. Your bank may require a PIN number in order to checkout. More than likely this this is the same number you use at the ATM. By entering your PIN number at checkout, this becomes the most secure way to ensure it is you that is authorizing this payment.

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