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SUPERVALU's mission is to serve our customers better than anyone else can serve them. Our goal is to provide our customers with value through our products and services, while committing ourselves to providing the quality, variety and convenience they expect.

Our success hinges on our associates, our quality retailers, our Trading Partners, on-time deliveries from carriers, and much more. To this end, we have invested in developing and making available to each of you the cutting-edge technology of SVHarbor® – a full-service portal that provides the methods for performing your jobs in the quickest way possible through a "safe and secure harbor," the SVHarbor® portal.

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Supplier Diversity Program

We have a significant existing network of more than 1,000 diverse suppliers, and we continue to look for new businesses to help us serve our customers’ needs. When we evaluate vendors, we are looking for industry expertise and insight, along with the capability needed to deliver. This means we seek suppliers who are focused on customer service excellence and product quality, who understand their target markets, and who have a solid foundation for production capacity and financial stability.

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