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Do you have diabetes? Our Tools for Living Healthy with my Diabetes™ program will help inform those new to diabetes education or who have not attended a diabetes education program within the past two years. Enroll in our program to learn the most up-to-date information you need to help stay in control and stay healthy with your diabetes.

The six-month education program begins with a personalized health assessment session, including an A1c test with a specially trained clinical Pharmacist. During the session, your Pharmacist will work with you to better understand your health care needs and help you set goals. After the initial session, you’ll have unlimited access to our group education class, which includes a take-home workbook and interactive discussions on the following topics:

  • What is diabetes and what happens in the body?
  • How do you get the most from your glucose monitor?
  • How can you set a goal and stick with it?
  • How can you relieve stress?
  • What do your medications do and how can you get the most from them?
  • How can you prepare for and reduce sick days?
  • What can you do about low blood sugar?
  • How can you avoid complications?
  • When and how should you get started with physical activity?
  • How do foods affect blood sugar and how can you make healthier food choices?

At six months, you will have an individual meeting with the Pharmacist to review your progress, take another A1c measurement, and get assistance with any new health care goals.

Schedule an appointment for blood glucose monitor training.

Our Tools for Living Healthy with my Diabetes™ program offers you a convenient and affordable way to brush up on your diabetes knowledge or to start building the foundation of information you need to stay healthy. Enrollment for classes is happening now. Contact your local Shop 'n Save Pharmacy® for details.