Mobile FAQs

1.     Who do I contact if I have an issue with the mobile application?


Customer Service can be reached by dialing 1-800-428-6974, by visiting ShopnSave.com/customerservice


2.     I forgot my Sign-In password – How do I get back into my account?


If you forgot your password, getting a new one set up is easy. From the homepage or the main navigation page, tap the Sign-In button. On the Sign In page, tap the image of the hand with a string around the finger (located on the same line the Password field). You will then be prompted to enter the email address used to sign up for an account. When finished entering your email, tap the “Get My Password” button and an email will be sent to that address with a link to reset your password.


3.     How do I get back to the Homepage screen once I’ve navigated away from it?


From any screen, start by accessing the main navigation menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen (in the header). Tapping the “Shop 'n Save” logo in the header of the main navigation menu will take you directly back to the Home Screen where you can access many of the apps most used features.


4.     What is a card-less ID? How do I create a card-less ID to save coupons?


Your card-less ID is the number you use at checkout in place of swiping your card. This is something you can create which is unique to you that will be associated with your account. Creating a card-less Digital ID can be easily accomplished on the mobile app or the desktop experience by typing 11-digits – we recommend using your phone number – and a simple 4-digit PIN number for quick access to your account.


5.     How can I view the weekly ad for my store in the mobile app?


You can access the weekly ad for your store in two easy ways. From the homepage, simply tap the image below “This Week’s Ad” and you’ll be taken directly to the most current Weekly ad pages. You can also select “Weekly Ad” from the main navigation menu. Please keep in mind that you may be prompted to select a store prior to viewing an ad. Also, if you have lost your online connection, it may take a few moments to reestablish a connection.


6.     Are the same digital coupons available on both the desktop experience and the mobile app?


Yes, you can add coupons from the Coupons sections of the mobile app and desktop experiences. On the desktop experience, simply click the “add to list & card” button. On mobile, select Coupons from the main navigation menu and then tap the “plus symbol” on the right side of the item you want to add from the list of coupons available. The coupon discount will be applied at checkout when your mobile barcode is scanned or your unique 11-digit number is entered during your transaction.


7.     Can I create more than one shopping list?


Absolutely! We would never want to limit your ability to create shopping lists. Make as many shopping lists as you like and shop till you drop.


8.     Can I view the Shopping List I created on the ShopnSave.com website from my mobile app?


Yes. When logged in to the mobile app, you can access your shopping list(s) created online. Using the same Username and Password as on the ShopnSave.com website select “Shopping List” from the main navigation menu to view lists created on the ShopnSave.com website or tap the “shopping list” icon in the upper right corner of the header.


9.     How do I manage my Shopping List? How do I add a larger quantity of a certain item on my list?


Selecting an item from your Shopping List or tapping the arrow on the right side of the screen on the line the item is on will allow you to update the item quantity or star the item as a favorite.


10.  What prescriptions can I refill using the mobile app?


You may request a refill for prescriptions you have registered at any of the Shop 'n Save locations with a pharmacy. Please be sure to enter your prescription information exactly as it appears on the prescription bottle in order for the system to find and process your refill. We recommend using the scanning function when updating your pharmacy number and your prescription number.


11.  Can I request a new prescription from my prescriber using the mobile app?


No. Unfortunately at this time the Prescription Refill function is only able to fulfill prescriptions that have been previously registered with the Shop 'n Save family of pharmacies.


12.  Can I change/edit my email address or communication preferences on the mobile app?


Yes. From the mobile app’s main navigation menu select “My Account,” and then select “Communication preferences.” This page allows you to change your preferred email address where the communications are sent and make adjustments to how you prefer to receive communication from Shop 'n Save. Once finished updating your preferences, simply tap the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.


13.  Is a Facebook account required to sign-up? What if I don’t have a Facebook account?


We do not require a Facebook account to sign-up or sign-in. The Facebook sign-in feature is one of the fastest way to activate and sign-in to your account, but the option to sign-up with only your email address is also acceptable.


14.  How do I select My Store on the mobile app?


There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. First, if you haven’t yet selected your store, tap “My Store” located near the bottom of the homepage. You may be prompted to turn on location services in your phone settings allowing the mobile app to determine your location and generate a list of stores nearest to you. Once location services are allowed, the stores are organized based on the proximity from your mobile device. After selecting your preferred store location from the list you will have the opportunity to save the store as “My Store” by tapping the star in the upper right corner. The store selected will now appear as your store anytime you are logged in to the mobile app or the desktop experience with the same account. Only one store can be set as “My Store” per account.


15.  How do I change My Store on the mobile app?


From the main navigation menu, select the “Store Locator” heading. You may be prompted to turn on location services in your phone settings to allow the mobile app to determine your location and the nearest store. Once location services are allowed, the stores are then listed based on your proximity or how far away each store is in relationship to you. In order to choose a new store as “My Store” either scroll to find your preferred store location near you, or use the search feature in the header by tapping the magnifying glass and typing in the address, city, state, or zip code of the location you desire. Select the store by tapping on that location and on the store page tap “My Store” star located the upper right corner. The store selected will now appear as your preferred store anytime you are logged in to the mobile app or the desktop experience with the same account. Only one store can be set as “My Store” per account.


16.  What is a digital coupon? How do I use the coupons listed on the mobile app?


A digital coupon is similar to a paper coupon – only easier! You can the find all kinds of digital coupons on the desktop site and the mobile app. The featured coupons can be found on the homepage by tapping “featured coupons” or from the main navigation menu by selecting “Coupons” from the list of headings. They can be loaded directly to your card and will be applied to your purchase once your barcode is scanned or your card-less ID number is entered on the pin pad at checkout on qualifying purchases.


17.  Can a digital coupon be used multiple times?


Coupons are intended for one time use and cannot be redeemed more than once per transaction. If you wish to use the same coupon in a separate transaction after initial use, the coupon must be re-added to your account after the completion of each use.


18.  Can I add paper coupons to my mobile app by scanning them?


No. Instead we offer a wide variety of digital coupons that are easily accessible from the mobile app in the Coupons section of the main navigation menu.


19.  Does Shop 'n Save accept Internet coupons or paper manufacturer coupons in addition to coupons listed on the mobile app in the same transaction? (This activity is sometimes referenced by customers as “stacking” coupons)


Yes, Shop 'n Save gladly accepts Internet coupons and manufacturer coupons within certain limitations. Coupons printed directly from a manufacturers product website or the FarmFreshSupermarkets.com website coupons are welcomed provide they meet the guidelines below:


  • Coupons for free products that do not require a qualifying purchase cannot be accepted.
  • Buy-one Get-one Free (BOGO) coupons will be accepted.
  • Internet coupons with a redemptive value of $5 or less are accepted; above $5 cannot be accepted.
  • All Coupons must include a UPC barcode.
  • Photocopies of coupons cannot be accepted.

20.  Does Shop 'n Save accept competitor coupons?


No, Shop 'n Save does not accept competitor coupons. Shop 'n Save reserves the right to refuse any coupons at its discretion.


21.  How do I disconnect or remove my Facebook profile information from the app history and basic account profile information?


a.     Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications


b.     You may deauthorize or delete the app from your Facebook profile information as it relates to the Shop 'n Save app by going to the App Center in Facebook. When logged in to your Facebook account, go to Account Settings and select "Apps". Find Shop 'n Save in your list of authenticated apps and click the "X" (next to Edit), which will remove your Shop 'n Save account from your apps connected on Facebook. If you’ve only used Facebook to sign-in to your Shop 'n Save digital account, you may be required to sign-up to by using your email address in the future to continue using the app.


22.  What is shared with/on Facebook when I sign in to the mobile app with my Facebook account?


When signing in with your Facebook account, only basic profile info (i.e. your name, birthday, current city, names on your friend list, and the email address used to register your Facebook account) is connected to the online experience. We do not sell, send or submit any additional details about your Facebook account, Shop 'n Save digital profile or personal information with others.


23.  Why do you need a Facebook account to sign-in to the mobile app?


You do not need to have a Facebook account to sign in to the Shop 'n Save. The Facebook sign-in option allows for you to use a simple, one-step sign-in method should you choose to sync these two online (Shop 'n Save & FB) or mobile experiences. Should you want to update your Shop 'n Save account connectivity to Facebook after your initial sign-in, you can control your app permissions by going to www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applictions and selecting the Shop 'n Save app in your Facebook settings for more information.


24.  If coupon(s) exceeds the value of the item will I receive cash back?


Unfortunately, coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will be adjusted to provide the maximum value, but will not exceed the price of the item to result in cash back.