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June is Dairy Month
Celebrate Dairy

We’re celebrating the essential nutrients and powerful benefits of dairy all month long.

Milk Donation

*Excludes organic milk

The Power of Dairy

Dairy is a go-to solution for today’s busy families. Providing a powerhouse of nutrients, dairy helps increase energy, build strong bones and muscles, maintain healthy body weight, control blood pressure and reduce risk for heart disease. The USDA recommends three servings of dairy each day. Get your daily dose of dairy! Then, learn more about your favorite dairy products.

Did you know?

-Milk is one of the most local foods in the grocery store, often traveling less than 100 miles to the store.

-Whole fat dairy helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Get full flavor and health benefits!

-Grass-fed milk comes from dairy cows that are mostly pasture grazed – compared to other diets that may be supplemented with grain.

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