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Our Garden Centers are Now Open

Visit our Garden Center today at your Shop 'n Save.

We offer a wide variety of hanging baskets, patio plants, herbs, soil and more.

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Biodegradable Planters

Go green! Use an ice cream cone for a simple biodegradable hack.


1. Buy ice cream cones.

2. Add soil and your favorite plant seed in the cone.

3. Allow seed to sprout and plant in your garden.

4. Water thoroughly and allow plant to grow.


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Try these simple gardening tips to keep your plants beautiful and strong all summer long!

How much water do my plants need?

  • Establish a routine of checking in with your plants every 2-4 days. Changes in daylight or temperature can make your plants thirsty, so be sure to check regularly!
  • Stick you finger into the soil/potting mix. If the first inch of soil feels dry, it is time to water your plants again.

How much sunlight do my plants need?

  • The sun provides plants with nutrients, nourishment and energy. 
  • The majority of plants actually prefer bright light, so be sure to check the seed packet or planting tag on your plants before you purchase. 

Help! What's wrong with my plants?

  • My plant is wilted - This is due to your plants not having enough water. Lightly water over the next few days and your plants should perk up in no time.
  • My plant looks brown and dry - If your plants are in a pot, try removing them from direct sunlight for a few days. If it's in a garden, it could be an over-fertilization problem. Try water to help remove the extra chemicals.


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