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Top 10 Grilling Tips


Take advantage of our insider information when grilling beef, fish, pork or poultry.

So much to grill, so little time. Follow these tips to grill like a pro—they’ll help you make the most of each and every grilling opportunity that comes your way.


1. Buddy up to your butcher.
Nobody knows meat like the associates behind the meat counter. Use that bell or buzzer to call an expert whenever you have a question or need help making a meaty decision.

2. Fill in with flavor.
Depend on marinades and rubs to give your grilled foods added flavor and flair. Check out this article for tips: Mighty Marinades and Robust Rubs.

3. Trim the fat.
Before placing meat on the grill, trim it of excess fat and skin. Fat and skin may cause grilling flare-ups—and nobody needs their extra calories, either.

4. Play it safe.
Make sure that family and friends leave your cookout feeling happy and healthy. Prevent foodborne illnesses by using clean utensils, marinating under refrigeration, grilling foods to a safe internal temperature and always keeping raw meat away from other foods.

5. Make a clean start.

Before preheating your grill, scrub it clean. Charred remnants of last night’s grilled meal will spoil the taste and texture of freshly grilled food and may contain contaminants, as well.

6. Add smoke.
Give grilled foods enticing smoky flavor by adding hardwood smoke to your grill. No Smoker? No Problem!

7. Stand in line.
When grilling steaks to guests’ preferences—medium rare, well done, etc.—keep track of which steak was first placed on the grill by using one of these tricks: Line them up from the front of the grill to the back, placing the first steaks on the front of the grill; or place the steaks in a clockwise pattern, with the first steak on the grill at 12:00, the second steak at 2:00, and so on.

8. Make the right turn.
When grilling, the right turn is ONE turn. Allow foods to grill until grill lines form on the bottoms before turning them. Generally, if the food sticks, it is not ready to turn.

9. Err on the side of caution.
Always remember that it is easier to remedy undercooked foods than it is to fix overcooked foods. Return foods to the grill if needed, but be careful not to leave them on for too long.

10. Take a rest.
All beef, pork and poultry cuts will be juicier when removed from the grill and allowed to rest at ambient temperature for at least 5 minutes.